Online Master ClassParticipatory Digital Ethnography, taught by Darcy Alexandra (University of Bern) and Koen Leurs (Utrecht University), for PhDs or advanced Master students in anthropology (University of Vienna and CEU).
Public co-lecture with two guest lecturers on November 9 (17.30 – 19.00 hrs.).
Workshop on November 10 (9.00 – 12.00 hrs.), both online.
Organized by the Digital Ethnography Initiative, Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab, the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna, and the Visual Studies Platform at the Central European University.
More info in the PDF.

CfP “At the Intersections of Mobile Online and Offline Spaces: Reflections on Methods, Practices, and Ethics”, Special Issue of Media and Communication, organized by Katja Kaufmann (University of Innsbruck) and Monika Palmberger (University of Vienna), Submission of Abstracts: 1-15 September 2021

Panel “Digital Ethnography: Revisiting Theoretical Concepts and Methodological Approaches” at Vienna Anthropology Days (VANDA2020), 28 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2020, online 1 Oct, organized by Philipp Budka (University of Vienna) and Monika Palmberger (University of Vienna)

Panel “Engaged Media Anthropology in the Digital Age” at EASA2020 “New Anthropological Horizons in and beyond Europe”, 20–24 July 2020, online on July 24, organized by Philipp Budka (University of Vienna) and Sahana Udupa (LMU Munich)