CfP: “Digital Ethnography in Post-Pandemic Times: Reflections, Implications, and Innovations”, VANDA2024

DEI goes VANDA2024! We are excited to announce that the CfP for our panel at the Vienna Anthropology Days is now online. The conference will take place Sept. 23 – Sept. 26, 2024.

CfP: Digital Ethnography in Post-Pandemic Times: Reflections, Implications, and Innovations

Conveners: Suzana Jovicic, Philipp Budka, Monika Palmberger

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has revitalised and boosted interest in digital ethnography, the question arises as to what remains in its aftermath. Has digital ethnography entered the mainstream, and the digital merged with ethnographic research in an obviously profoundly digitised and digitalised world? Or has it disappeared back into the fringes, unphased by the short-lived interest? What do we actually mean when we talk about digital ethnography: online, remote, post-digital and should we discard these terms altogether? What methodological and ethical insights, movements, setbacks, reflections, innovations and (inter)disciplinary cross-references have emerged in the wake of global developments that have forced ethnographers to rethink their research in unprecedented ways? In this panel organised by the Digital Ethnography Initiative (DEI), we explore the state of digital ethnography (defined as ethnographic research with and through the “digital” and not limited to remote/online) as it emerges from turbulent but perhaps also fruitful times. We invite a wide range of contributions discussing methodological issues, conundrums, dilemmas, twists and turns of contemporary digital ethnography, based on original research. The contributors will be invited to subsequently write a short blog entry for the DEI blog, based on the papers presented at the panel.

Please submit an abstract (with a maximum of 300 words) until June 1st, 2024 via the conference website. If you have any questions regarding the panel, please contact info(at)

More information and registration can be found on the VANDA homepage

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